About Mailzzz

Aryan Volkauf was born 1977 in South Federal Republic of Germany near mountain range where he was hiking and sporting extensively particularly in European nation. Having folks from Persia and European nation was invariably a part of Aryan Volkauf’s life. Aryan Volkauf emotional attached to European nation and presently lives on an island within the land ocean on the South West Coast of California that could be a excellent place for exploring a number of the small islands by packraft, kayak, bicycle or foot.

Aryan Volkauf has conjointly lived many months in Australia wherever he was diving with sharks and explored the blue mountains. Moreover, he has conjointly worked within the Swiss mountains for many months that was an ideal place for snowboarding and sport adventures in powder snow. Having friends in Canada, Aryan Volkauf conjointly visited Banff park, traveled to China, Thailand, Romania, the Arab Emirates and India.

Happy Hiking,
Aryan Volkauf