Hiking and Camping To Do List

All outdoor lovers cannot wait to get out hiking or camping soon as the season is just right. Depending on the season and depending on how long you will be out, it is important that you have the right gear and necessities to push you through. You need to ensure that you are packed with all the necessities like mosquito repellent and ensue that they can serve you through the entire vacation. Here is a hiking and camping to do list to help you prepare for your adventure.

Clothing and GearHiking and Camping To Do List

You need to be in the right gear to help get through the different terrains and survive the different environment.

  • – Lantern
  • – Matches or a lighter
  • – Rope and tent
  • – Sleeping bag
  • – A camera to capture all the memorable moments

The Clothing will include:

  1. – Gloves or mittens
  2. – A jacket or sweater
  3. – Hiking socks and boots
  4. – Under garments such as underwear and vests
  5. – Swim suit

Food and Cooking Tools

You will need something easy and fast to prepare for your meals. Aim at carrying pre-cooked foods. In addition, pack the following items.

  • – Paper towels
  • – Cooking/eating utensils (disposable will be lighter for the eating utensils)
  • – Resealable plastic bags
  • – Reusable water bottles and water purification tablets

Health and Sanitary Items

The health items aim at ensuring you remain healthy and serve both curative and preventive purposes. On the other hand, the sanitary items come in handy in grooming. Just because you are outdoors does not mean that you have to let go of yourself. Your list should include:

  • – Face cleanser and antibacterial wipes
  • – First aid kit with at least an antacid, bandages, and painkillers.
  • – Personal-hygiene items such as toilet paper, sunscreen with a high SPF, Toothbrush and toothpaste. – Insect repellent such as a patch insect repellent or a natural mosquito repellent
  • – A comb or brush.
  • – Biodegradable soap


These items are important though many seem to overlook them. These will include:

  • – Maps and directions
  • – Some money/ ATM card
  • – A travel journal


These items make it easier for you once you arrive at your hiking and/or camping destination.

  1. – A daypack for shorter afternoon hikes
  2. – Sunglasses
  3. – Pack cover
  4. – Water proof gloves

The above hiking and camping to do list will get you prepared for right about any season you choose to go out. It covers your safety, grooming, as well as health.